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ProsoektQovadist2Everyone who comes in the city of Rovinj, remains fascinated by its overall beauty: the medieval old town, city squares, natural beauty and the Mediterranean climate, so surely must come back at least ones.
We are a company for transporting passengers on the sea with many years of experience with years of experience, operating almost 20 years. We enable you to more easily, more comfortable and better visit to all the natural beautys of Rovinj such as the islands of Rovinj, the old town, the coastal side of the nature park “Zlatni rt”(Golden cape) and the protected of natural wonder ” Lim fjord “chanel, which is entirely possible to visit only by boat .
Our guide on board will explain in detail all features of our natural beauty in many languages.
We look forward to seeing you abord!

Excursion program for individual guests and organized groups:

11.30h – 13.00h Panorama – excursion around the old town and beautiful Rovinj islands

20.00h – 21.30h Sunset – excursion around the islands – Rovinj by night

14.00.h-18.00h Lim fjord -boat trip to the “protected natural landscape” Lim chanel,  with a break of 1 h at the end of the channel and 0.30 h pausa, visiting the Pirate cave.

Excursion in Lim Fjord One-way for organized groups coming by bus

All other boat trips near Rovinj for organized groups.

Mediation services and organizations of other trips in the agencies and other users of shipping if you have one of our trips!

Lim fjord-excursion from rovinj for organized groups to visit the Lim Channel excursion from rovinj for organized groups excursions for organized grups from Rovinj,Istra,Croatia


Where we are and departure of the ship Quo Vadis

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