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Excursions Rovinj

Boat trips in the Rovinj Rovinj aquatorium

About as :-) Boat excursions QUO VADIS

We are a company for transporting passengers on the sea with many years of experience. We offer you the best way of visiting Rovinj and his natural beautys and its surroundings! We look forward to seeing you abord!

Excursion :-) Sunset – Rovinj

Dolphins are frequent visitors of the Rovinj archipelago but they can not be seen every day. In most cases they come in the afternoon when is smaller maritime traffic. Most often they can be seen around the lighthouse…

Excursions :-) Panorama of Rovinj and Islands

You will see the panorama of the old town and beautiful Rovinj islands: st. Katarina, st. Andrew, Maškin fkk, st. Ivan, the lighthouse and coast of “Zlatni rt” Forest Park “Cap Aureo”.

Excursions:-) Lim fjord – Lim channel

Boat trip to Lim fiord, 11 km long, protected natural channel, where is one of the largest , fish and shellfish farm, you can taste first class fisch and shellfish in the restaurant at the end lim channel in break of 1 hour.

Excursions at sea

For your better experience in visiting and getting to know our natural beauties
Quo Vadis boat – Rovinj

Everyone who comes in the city of Rovinj, remains fascinated by its overall beauty: the medieval old town, city squares, natural beauty and the Mediterranean climate, so surely must come back at least ones. Our city attracts a lot of tourists, ideal combination of cultural and historical sights and natural beauties. So the ideal place for leisure and entertainment

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